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Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy nurse day

i came to work today
as i open the sliding door
then i notice something on the notice board..
it is written " happy nurse day"..

i was like..
" happy nurse day ?? .... is it today ??
then my nurses replied " yes doctor! "
owh... there u go then.. i already wished u guys then...

one of the nurses replied " u were asking just now...
not actually mentioning "

"tomato , tometo...  , it is the same " i said

happy nurse day to all the nurse in the world
u guys are awesome..

helpful , wonderful , hardworking people
if i am the prime minister , i would have close the hospitals today so u all could have a day off
but then i am not..

then the next question comes up
this one always comes up whenever people celebrate nurse day

when is doctor  day?
does it ever exist?
is there any celebration for doctor?

do doctor has a day off to celebrate doctor day???

the answer is no
a big NO
nobody care about doctor

people just expect doctors to treat people 24/7

people expect us to work like a robot
that's why the government could not even bother to create something called doctors day

am i not pissed

just stating the truth
teachers have teachers day when all the pupils sings and give present to their teacher
well.. i did  :)
i gave soaps to my teacher , or box of tissue .. a pen...

policemen and army have their days
even fireman

but not for doctors
we are not a profession
we are just slaves :P

but we dont give a shit
we dont give a damn even if we save his life and he never says thank you
we dont give a damn even thou the lawyers are always watching us to make mistake and to sue our ass
we dont give a damn

coz we work for the Almightly Allah :)
not for human


Fane Davis said...

oh please dont say are not a human slave at all...
U are too nursing people you treat aite?sometimes doctors too caring for their patients needs...aside being a doctor,you are a nurse too.
so,Happy nurses day to you!! :)

BlueIceCube said...

hey, we engineers do not have engineers day too you know. doesn't mean we stop building/fixing stuff ;-)


Duke Of Normandy said...

there should have been! i realized only now =p