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Sunday, May 27, 2012

true friends

sometimes,  shit happens for a lot of reason
bad thing happens to us as a reminder
the sun doesnt always shine
there will be rain
and thunder storm

but when shit happened
a lot of thing prevailed
people shows their true color when they are in trouble

friends  - is a bunch of guys we know
whom we always hang out together
have fun together

but true friends are people who stick by u when u are in deep shit
true friends sacrifice themselves for ur sake

now i am in a pretty much deep shit
i have to make life changing decision right now
i am not going to be a slave to the system

if i stay working at his hospital
next month i ll be forced to do 15 oncall per month
or maybe more
15 oncalls mean i have no time to spend with my family
it also means i cannot take a day off
should i am so dead sick , i still have to work
should any emergency happen to my family , i still have to work
funny how it goes if our family member is sick and admitted to the hospital but u cant get a day off to take care of them and instead treating other people
so ridiculous
yes, that's my situation will be starting next week if someone did not take necessary action

at time like this , friends are very important
friends and colleague .
these are people who supposed to help u in any way they could

i am lucky i have friends who always gave me moral support to face this shit
i have friend who could bring the system down , but i wont involve them because if i do , a lot of people up there will be transferred here and there
not gonna ruin their family for my sake
but then , if they dont think of my family sake ...
i swear to God , same thing will happen to them , or maybe worse
i really hope this thing will be settled in a very nice way
some people would need to sacrifice a bit

i already did min
currently i am doing 10 oncalls per month
i think that is more than enough
i came to work last friday , friday morning
currently still working... and will be working until tomorrow pm
that would be 84 hours non stop
if u are asking me to do more than this
it's outrageous and unacceptable

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