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Saturday, May 19, 2012

6 months old nia

18 may 2012 , Nia is already 6 month old and it is time for her to start feasting her stomach

Nevertheless , her mother is very particular with her feeding
Hence daddy could not treat nia sushi and sashimi yet
Mommy said only fruit and vege
No t bone steak or lamb chop

It is damn boring
I heard u nia
So, the first thing I gave to nia was a piece of iceberg salad. Apparently she loves salad, just like her daddy.
And she just pooped her first salad just now.
I gave her honey dew, watermelon and banana only for her to refuse
Looks like she is not into fruits- just like her daddy again

Dont worry nia, daddy will take u to Haagen das very soon!

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