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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stil on weight loss

Many has been asking about the medication I have been taking to lose weight

Those medications are controlled medication , certified by the USfda and also kkm.
But then, the drugs could only be prescribed by doctors only.

Before taking the medication - the fat blocker and hunger suppressor , u must consult ur doctor in the first place

Of course there are side effects and it is not for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers

But for those who are interested, these medication are scientifically proven to work to fight obesity

In the end of the day.. It is all about to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain as slim and fit body. Exercise regularly and watch ur food intake.
These drugs are just for the kickstart of losing weight

For those who are interested , kindly email me occay
Will give u the detail of this weight loss treatment


erique said...

hannan, am really much interested with the drug, but the hustle bustle of work makes it impossible to drop by at any clinic for dietary advice.

Dr Hannan said...

Eric... Pm me occay.. Email

Robertsoncoyd said...

It is important for weight loss that how many times you spend to do the exercise. You have to do the exercise and take healthy diet food because only drugs and tablets will not helps you to lose weight.

weight loss guru

Dr Hannan said...

Robertson... Nobody says that the tablet alone could do the magic. Maybe u should read the article again. Get a new glass maybe to improve ur reading. The tablets are helpers only... Like turbo in cars.. Understood???

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