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Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter to dr Hannan

I received this from a reader of my blog...

Assalamualaikum Dr. Hannan.
First of all.. I love to read your blog.. I mean it gives me new knowledge about medic and increase my desire to become a doctor. Actually Im 19 years old and still doin my foundation year. Will end this June. And inshaAllah, I will enter MBBS this october.
Your life experience really make me proud to have a good muslim dr like you.
So, my question is..

1) If you have been given 5 million, what will you do? (in term of medical research)
2) In what ways in which the development of IT could influence the practise of medicine?
3) The first time you got an offer from JPA, do you really want to be a doctor? Or you just accept it because it is an offer?

Thank you, DR HANNAN.
I'll pray for your happiness. May Allah bless you, your wife and baby nia :)

This is nice
Never thought my tiny blog does bring attention to other people
Thank you a lot miss reader
U just made my day.. I have relied her letter and I hope she is happy with my answer

U guys want to know my answer???


Sue said...

Yes. Lov if u can share wif me. My eldest want 2 be doc. But don't think that she fit enough. Doc work round the clock & im afraid thay she dont have time 4 me. Kinda selfish but im still not ready not having her around me

betty said...

mesti la nak tahu..