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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weight loss challenge

One thing I learned from my horror experience yesterday, is to take a good care of my health

Yes, I have been working so hard lately and I have ignored my well being

Not been to the gym for a long time and been eating all those non healthy food resulting in overweight

Yup, it is such an embarrassment for me to be overweight. But the first step to resolve any issue is to admit that we have issue

So here it goes , I am fat!

Being overweight has compromised my physical and mental state

Used to be able to run 10 km per day on the treadmill , now I am struggling to complete a kilometer!

Easily fatigue , snoring , laziness , all of these are symptom of being fat!

Hence I have set my mind to be back to fit and slim again.

Aiming to shed 5 kg in a month!

With helps of some anti obesity drugs, I hope to achieve it. Let s see if these drugs really work.

Reminder, I am not gonna used any slimming product out there to reach my goal. Just balanced diet and scientifically proven drugs will be applied in this challenge .

Truth to be told.. There are only two ways to lose weight, and premium beautiful is not one of them definitely !!

1st one is to exercise a lot.. Burn a lt of fat everyday ..
2nd one is to reduce ur food intake...

For my challenge , I ll do moderate exercise , and with the helps of the anti obesity drugs, I am going to reduce my food intake significantly .

Next weighing session in a month time.. Remind me to update about it yeah!!!


Miss Amateur Cook said...

wow anti obesity drugs? interesting! does it works? dont u wanna share with us. :D

Dr Hannan said...

Email me for detail occay :)