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Sunday, May 27, 2012

u made my day

u know..
God is great
when we feel like crap
God cheers us up.. in a very mysterious way..

just now ,
i was doing a case , an orthopedic case..
i was discharging him... and he said thank you to me..
oh my God..
it feels like a fresh breath from heaven..
i have been working day in and out from 3 days in a row
and that pak cik was the first patient to say thank you to me..
i was so happy
i was smiling..
i called every staff in the ot and shout out loud..
"thank you pak cik... u just made my day... u r the first patient who says thank you to me in these 3 crazy days at work.. THANK YOU pak cik.. it means a lot to me.."

then, the good run continue
i was checking my facebook
and this young kid added me.
after accepting his request , i looked at his wall
apparently his friend asked him to read my blog
as a motivation for them to become a doctor in the future..
this is awesome
never thought my crazy rambling touched so many heart out there

thank you guys for reading my blog.
thank you guys for the support
thank you for writing me email to cheer me up whenever i post something sad here
u guys really a good friend
thank you

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