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Thursday, May 24, 2012

He is the man

Just found another reason why I want to lose weight so badly
I went thru sms and his baby photos ...
And I feel like crappp
I mean.. He looks awesome, physically
And I am so fatty bum bum rite now.
Last time we had dinner together , the only thing I envied about him was his height
Used to be as slim fit as he is
But not right now

Just now when I was craving for dinner, his photos came thru my mind and It was enough to take my appetite away..

Yes, again - truth about weight loss
Only 2 ways. First, exercise super hard.. Cardio.. RPM... Yoga...
This is the hard and healthy way

The second way is to Reduce ur food intake significantly...

Right now.. I am more toward the second way...
Did not have enough time for exercise right now . 10 oncalls per month is fulfilling enough for me . The rest of Ye time is for my family.

Maybe one day when I am not treating people anymore.. I could spend more time taking care of my life. Yes , there is nothing more noble than treating sick people.. But then.. I need a normal life as well... Look at dr SMS.. He is done treating people..

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feerairish said...

so cute baby nia..feels want to eat her cheeks!