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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weight loss still

Love looking at SMS and his family photo... Keep me focus on losing weight

Occay. Weight loss update... For the past 1 week, I have lost about 2kg.
Yup, thank you to the medication and healthy food.

I eat cereal for breakfast every morning... Muesli is preferable. The I took my appetite suppressor pill. After a few days of taking the pill, I stop taking it because my brain is already reprogrammed by the med... Don't feel that hungry even thou I m not taking the pill anymore.

At lunch.. I just eat a very small
Portion of meal.. Try to avoid anything oily. Mee goreng is definitely out of equation already.

Then no more meals after lunch. Just snack until I sleep.

What do i eat for snack ? I eat dates... Yes Kurma.. It is good source of energy... Fat free and delicious and on top of everything.. It is a sunnah to
Eat dates.. Food of choice of our beloved prophet SAW.

Yup. Loving my new lifestyle
I feel healthier n more energetic everyday !

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