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Saturday, June 02, 2012

My Kawasaki

Yes... I bought a Kawasaki
It has two wheels
Brake disc
Triptonic gears
7 gears to be exact
Great suspension
The only thing missing is the engine.

As I mentioned before, there is no way in this world my mom would approve me buying a superbike
So, this is the closest thing I can get my hand to..
I m not a mommy boy
But at certain cases.. I do listen to my mom... In most cases... I do it my way...

Hopefully with this bike I could shed the extra fat..
And regain my stamina and agility.
All work and no play makes me a fat boy !

So yes..
I m going to start riding bike again
In fact, I already started
This evening I did 10km
I actually went to a wedding riding the bike just now..

Today, I went to 5 wedding reception..
Ate a lot.. Then I figured out by riding bike to the reception..
More or less I could burn back the calories

When I went to the bicycle shop earlier today, I was not sure what bicycle to buy. Initially I wanted to get the blue Raleigh ... Then this white Kawasaki got my attention...

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