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Monday, June 04, 2012

The most sensible doctor

As a doctor , I have treated so many illness and diseases
And yet there is one thing I could not fix... Yes.. A broken heart
But at times, in my mind.. I come out with my variable answer

Patient : doctor! I am heartbroken...

Surgeon : let's chop it out rite now

Anaesthetist : occay, let me give u something to take the pain away

Medical : well... There are 1000 thing that can cause that... We need to run 100 blood test and we ll figure thing out by end of the year...

Psy : listen carefully... U have no heart... U are empty inside... Here.. Have some candies...

Ortho surgeon : we ll put some screw and plate here and there... Then we do check x ray after that...then we put more plate and screws

OnG : I need to check ur vagina first then we talk about ur heart ..

GP : yes.. U come to the right place... I am the specialist of heart broken... We have the most expensive drug for that and u need to come every week for check up yeah.... And here is the bills


betty said...

pastu kl sume doctor bg pandangan yg berbeza,, cam ne patient nak tahu die jmpa doktor yg betul ke x???

Hidayah Ahmad said...

What is psy and gp?

Dr Hannan said...

Every doctor is different ... Trust me on that.. We have different view n ego

Dr Hannan said...

Psy is psychiatric

Gp is general practictioner... Private clinic doctor