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Monday, June 11, 2012

When the plan doesn't work

We make plan in our life
All the time
Every single second we think about what we will do next
What will happened tomorrow
How do we survive the future.
It is human nature to be worried about our future... It is a good thing

But then, when thing goes wrong
When our plan doesn't work accordingly...
We become disappointed .. We are frustrated , start blaming other and we live in regret.

For me
The plan is dead easy..
-Have a good life-
That is all
Yup, sound simple.. But good life for me means a happy family and good health , a great job that I love... And last but not least .. A lot of money and debt free

Currently I have a happy family. And of course we are still young and healthy! Checked.. !
A great job.... Mmmm not really.... But it's a good one... Half checked!
The last part... Sigh... Need to work harder on this area.

Here is a true story...
When my wife got pregnant
I was a bit worried... Financially.
Will I able to give the best for my baby.. Will I able to provide the best for my wife as a mother..
Heck, bringing up a kid into this world is not cheap.
I was really concerned at that moment

Nevertheless , a wise friend reminded me... " rezeki itu datang Dari Allah... Dan anak itu adalah rezeki... InsyaAllah bila Dapat anak.. Rezeki Allah akan bertambah "
Yes, it is so true...
God has a better plan for us
Baby nia definitely bring more happiness and somehow.. God gives me a new business...
Alhamdulillah.. God is great.

But them.. With wealth.. Comes greed and we tend to forget the One who gives us everything.

And of course , in business.. We have ups and downs. When we r up there.. We tend to be careless and ungrateful.. Hence God put u down for a while as a reminder..
When we r down... Then we start to see everything clearly again...
We start to realize that everything comes from Allah...

Moral of the story ... When shit happened .. When thing goes wrong, remember everything comes from Allah. Allah could fly us to the moon... And Allah could throw us into rock bottom anytime Allah decides to. Rezeki di tangan Allah... Allah yang kasi , bukan sesama manusia


JembalCastle said...

baby Nia is so cute.....

m.u.l.a.n said...

macam my late dad buat dulu, start saving for the kids every month without fail ever since we're born.. standing order dari monthly pay or education insurance (now la).. unless we can discipline ourself la bank in duit anak2 every month..

i pon buat sejak anak2 i lahir.. education sangat mahal nowadays..