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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat doctors!

Overweight or obesity is a worldwide issue.
It is nothing new.
It has been there for ages
People don't want to be obese and overweight ... Obviously , we all know that being fat is closely related to many dangerous disease such as diabetic and heart disease and secondly being fat make us look ugly

True fact.

I read somewhere in a medical journal - a hospital in texas, united state refused to hire doctors who are overweight and fat.
According to the administration... A fat doctor is not a good example for patient.
How do a fat doctor educate his patient on healthy lifestyle ?
People tend to do what other do rather than do what other says.
Hence.. A doctor must be a good example for the patients

That is actually a brilliant idea. In fact I would like to add another criteria for hiring doctor... A doctor must not smoke any kind of tobacco!

Do u a agree with me?


betty said...


c.i.k b.i.t.t.e.r.s.w.e.e.t said...

yup...totally agree.nak advice org fsl health, tp diri sendiri tak fit camano,kan?btw...doc.hannan,apa nama ubat utk bg kita kenyang selalu?im on lately mcm lembap sket sbb dah jrg jogging..& ok x amik ubat tu?