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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sudden death and artherosclerosis

People start dying at a very young ages
Regardless of much advance we are in the medical technology and equipment
Death is pretty much just around the corner for most of us

I was reading the paper yesterday , it said that more than 2 million people in Malaysia have diabetic.. It means it is about 10 percent of Malaysian population... Which means.. If u have 10 friends , one of them could have diabetic melitus. It is a sad true fact for us Malaysian

Occay, diabetic does not kill us fast enough... But heart attack will .
A study done in state... People who are obese, smoker, those who does not exercise regularly, stress - these are the high risk group of people to get heart attack , which could end with sudden death , regardless of ur age.
Owh yes , heart attack is definitely worse than HIV . It could kill u instantly .

Yup... Eat unhealthy food, smoker s , alcohol , stressful work, hardly exercise .. That pretty much sums up most I Malaysians citiZen. No wonder our population doesnt grow much !

Hence , a study has been done to deal with this problem.
Statin has been proved to be a very good prophylaxis for high risk people from getting heart attack or stroke.
Statin is the anti cholesterol drugs.
It is showed in the study that statin significantly reduce the mortality rate. In easy word , people who take statin is less likely to die from heart attack or stroke.

Me myself has been taking statin for quite sometimes.
I have a stressful work, I eat unhealthy food sometimes , and I don't exercise regularly. Hence I belong to the high risk group of getting heart attack. Hopefully , Allah will give me plenty of healthy years to live :)) amen

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