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Saturday, June 09, 2012

How to sedate ur baby or children

Here is an interesting issue
As parent , we love to bring our kids and children for holiday.
The holiday part is fun
But the traveling is killing mom n dad
Yes, long hours driving or flight makes our kids unease and restless
It is in their nature to be free and explore..
Something they can't do in the flight or in the car. Hence they start making irritating stuff

Hence, some parents use medication to sedate their children before long hour journey.
The common drugs used by parents is syrup paracetamol
Attention, I am not endorsing any patent out there to sedate their child for the purpose of traveling
Just for public knowledge that some medicine do help to calm our kids

Me myself give my baby nia supp paracetamol before she get her injection. It is good for pain relieve and keep her relax in the clinic

But some kids need more than paracetamol.
In hospital , we used syrup choral hydrate to calm children before any operation or any treatment
Chloral hydrate syrup has sedative and hypnotic effect to children with minimal side effect . It is as harmful as a glass as cola. Nothing more .

For hyperactive kids, this syrup surely help. Some people used this medication on their children for long journey traveling to make sure the kids are relax and asleep. Again, this is not recommended by me. Do it at ur own risk :)

For infant, the dose is 50mg per kilogram. If ur baby is 10 kg.. The dose is 500mg. Should not exceed more than 1g per day for infant. For children more than 6 months old.. The max dose is 2g per day.

This is just for general knowledge
Syrup choral hydrate can cause addiction as well due to its hypotonic effect.

Not to be taken for those with liver kidney, brain and heart problem

Again... This drug is as harmful as a glass a coke. If doctors give it to ur children at the hospital ... No need to worry about the side effect. We know what we r doing .

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