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Sunday, June 10, 2012

2kg more to go!

Looks like my 5kg weight loss is within reach !
I was 78kg... Yeah.. That s a shame
When I started being a doctor... About 4 years ago I was 70kg
After a wife and and a daughter
The number got bigger!
Not blaming my family for that
It is human nature
When we r happy.. We eat a lot
And exercise less :)

Now after 3 weeks, I am at 75 kg
The aim is 73 kg by my birthday in the end of the month
3 more weeks to go!


farhana said...

Good luck! U can do it doc! =)

erique said...

seems u hv your ways with the meds. way to go. guess am n alien coz the drug doesn't seem to work on me the way it did to u..