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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My wife is so funny :)

Bini Ku pandai buat lawak.

I posted a photo of a pen that she gave me yesterday

I wrote on my fb that the pen is her gift for me for the father's day
Then she commented on the photo that she will get the refill for the pen as my birthday gift.. Which is next week

Owh yes... She is so damn funny :)

Truth is... I don't need anything for the father's day
Or my birthday
I already got my gifts

Last year I have one..
This year I have two

One is my wife... The second gift is baby nia
These 2 gifts - are something money can't buy

Happy fathers day to me
I am so happy to celebrate it with my beloved girls..


Dew Drop said...

LOL.. So cute! XD

hope it's the first of many more happy moments to come! it's great to see you handling fatherhood so well! Happy First Father's Day!

misha.w said...

sweet je your wife.

happy father's day doc-daddy!:)