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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mommy nia

As I grow older ..
And wiser of course
I started to think about my past
What have I done
What have I achieved
And most importantly..
What differences have I made to other

With that in mind..
I begin to recall all the bad thing I did
How I mistreated certain people
Yes , I admitted that
I m no saint
I have hurted a lot of people
And my birthday resolution is try to amend it

Yes.. My birthday is coming soon
And I m hoping to be a better person
I m hoping to be a better husband.. A greater daddy... The best son.. And definitely the best friend

Dear friends and my ex friends
I am so sorry if I wronged u in the past.
Forgive my rudeness
Forgive my bad words
Forgive my unacceptable attitude
I promise to be a better person
U guys mean a lot to me

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