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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


God is great
Allah can shoot us to the sky
And he can bring us down anytime

This morning , I woke up just to found out that my wife accidentally ironed a pant that I have not seen for quite a while

I used to wear that pant after our marriage coz the size is 2 inch smaller then the size I was wearing 2 month ago.

Reckoned that it would be impossible to fit into the pants, nonetheless I took my chance. To my suprise, it fit me well.
I was sooooo damn happy
Straight away went down and weight myself ... I lost another kg!
Thank u Allah
Today I had oats and dates for breakfast ... Give me more than enough energy to run the operating theater until lunch I supposed !

Yes, that was the good news
I was so happy on my way to work
However... The sun does not always shine...
As I reached the hospital... I parked my car ... Then I shut the door...
I was walking away from my car then I noticed something is on the passenger door... Damn... It is a scratch on the door!!! Definitely ruined my mood for the day.

Yet and still
I try to think positively
Try to forget about the scratch
Should repaint the whole car soon I reckon
But it is ok

Allah has given me so much lately
Maybe I am not being thankful enough then God decided to give a small reminder to me. Amen

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