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Friday, March 27, 2009

lovin it

Men :)

" we made mistakes , we apologize ... then we do the same mistakes all over again "
- which pretty much makes this world goes round and round :)
It's been more than a week I'm at the ortho department.
Somehow , I'm starting to enjoy my work here.
For all future internship - the best place to be for ur 1st posting would be the ortho department.
WHY? Becoz... here, it's not as intense as in Medical or O & G department.
Here u can take ur time , learning slowly to be a doctor.
No hurry, no rush.
becoz being a HO in ortho department - it's nothing much u can do.
Most of decision are made by the specialist and most of the patients are Mat Rempit
meaning, not much medical illness.
However, if u started at Orthopedic department , u'll get the "culture shocK" when u join other department becoz ur work will be 10 times busier a lot more hectic.

Anyway, here in HKB, the ortho department has our own football team -consisting of all doctor.. 3 of our specialists are the main player of the team and all male MO/HO joined the team too. Hence, I bought a new shoes yesterday to play my 1st game for the team.
It was fun except for the fact that I started to realized I needed to lose some weight as the game started. Definitely need to loseeeeeeeeeeee these fatttt.
Need to play more games. Less work, more game :P

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