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Friday, March 20, 2009

happy and dizzy

I got a cake from my fellow fren... a "congratulation cake"
the cake was for 2 reason ....
1st - I'm getting engaged.
2nd - I successfully finished my O&G cycle
shared the cake with the labour room staffs and other interns.

Me currently in the ortho ward.... still dizzy...
still wondering what the heck I'm doing there..
It's new world... world of X RAY and POP - plaster of paris!

Apparently, after more than 1 week at ortho ward..
I kinda missing the o n g department...
Just missing delivering the baby..
Maybe I was born for it :P


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

congrats dr .. mr. doc .. i need ur advise .. if preggy woman .. they need folic acid .. extra supplement mcm neurogain, obimin ..etc .. if kita amik supplement lain mcm from HPA, CNI, salindah ..etc.. what is ur advise ... Thanks doc..

mummysyafie said...

congrats doc!


PerantauSepi1306 said...

Congrates! May your happiness will lasts forever :D