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Friday, March 20, 2009

vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common "misfortunate" - happened to a lot of ladies of there. The dryness would definitely effect the sexual intercourse. I do receive a few email asking what's the solution for this problem and I do encountered a few pt in the clinic with the same problem.

This "issue" happened the gland - the bartholin gland - failed to produce and secrete the fluid needed for sexual intercourse.

Vaginal dryness could be coz by various reason .... from infection ... diabetic ... monopause , prolonged usage of hormonal treatment (estrogen ) and others.

The most reliabe and simplest solution would be using the LUBE , such as KY jelly to keep the vagina "wet and smooth" during the sexual intercourse.

Other would be using the hormonal theraphy - which I do not advice if u r not monopause yet. If u reached ur golden age - monopause.. maybe u could start taking hormonal replacement theraphy which in some way could help with vaginal dryness.

But then , before u start taking any of these medical treatment - just try other stuff such as prolonged fore play... or make sure both parties are in the rite mood before sexual intercourse. These little things also could cause vaginal dryness. After u rule out these "little issue" - then u should consider taking the lubricants or the hormon.


Imree said...

still cakap pasal obs n gynae walaupon dah masuk ortho? hehe, sah sah rindu ni. nice blog btw, keep it up!

Chika Chika said...


pakar sakit puan.