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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miss MiSS Miss

Another fact about men :)

....Instead of following the right way, we prefer to do it our way and hoping that it would be the rite way...

Some, called it " egoism"

On the previous entry, I did mention about the sex of the car...
Then someone asked me , what car is the male car ..
Well.. to name a few.. there would be Lancer, Impreza , Accord , BMW M3 and M5.... entry level... I would say Satria GTI and satria CPS.... :P
AWEK mane ni?

Hhhee... This is Kak Yan....
My family mase kat moscow dulu...
Kak yan with her children.. adam n damia..
Akak... cantek kan scarf tu? hehhee
Missing u all a lot.
As I said before...
I miss moscow a lot

Dont really appreciate it when I was there
But, after being home for quite sometimes
I do realize that moscow is part of me...

Gosh... we never gonna miss something that much until we lost it...
It's so damn true..

So, the lesson here...
learn how to lose, then work harder to earn it back... hehhehe
salah ker?

1 comment:

mummysyafie said...

dah adat kot. bila ada di depan mata mmg jarang benar kita nak menghargainya. tapi bila dah jauh...baru lah terasa kehilangan kan..