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Thursday, May 16, 2013

how to fix eye bag

another typical problem faced by all human being.
as we get older... the aging process... bla bla bla
we developed eye bag
and eye bad make us look old , ugly and sad
and unattractive indefinitely

well, the best way to deal with this 
is not to get one at the first place
but then, it is impossible as we will get old regardless
hence, there are many product out there which claim can cure or
make the eye bag dissapear
well, kudos to them
but honestly i havent seen any cream or medication that really could treat eye bag
the only logical answer for eye bag treatment is by injecting filler into the 
infraorbital area which is the eye bag area

be aware, this area is very sensitive and there are many vessel around them
hence injecting filler is a big challenge
unless u are a very good aesthetic doctor
which is like a walk in the park for us :)

if u have a very bad eye bag and u r tired of trying all kind of cream out there in the market
do not hesitate to contact me for the filler treatment 
the filler usually takes a  week or two for full effect
and it usually last up to a year
depend on one metabolism rate
as filler is made from hyaluronic acid which is degradable inside our body


betty said...

wahhh,, sounds gud.. umur brape leh start guna???

laylie mdnoor said...

Dr, how about the cost? Can you explain more on that? Thanks :)

Dr Hannan said...

Can start at any age

The cost would be around 2-3 k depending on type and volume of fillers used

John Dudley said...

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