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Friday, May 24, 2013

Ironman challenge

Well, not the real one
Maybe a mini ironman challenge perhaps
Just to get thing started
Before my clinic start running
Gonna spend the time I have doing all the exciting thing
Maybe 30 km of cycling n running is not everyone cup of tea
But I have so much fun today
The journey started at kb city center,  then we headed straight into the fisherman village at pantai kundur. Which is about 15km distance. There,  we had a good running session by the seaside
The weather was excellent,  a little bit of rain, not to hot.. It was perfect for an outdoor exercise.
From the pantai kundur, we cycled around the fisherman village,.. Well.. We were lost actually, the villagers had a wierd look at us as we were cycling around the houses for couple of time. But eventually we made our way to pantai cahaya bulan.
Had a quick rest at the pcb. After 2 glasses of ice cold coconut juice..  We headed back to kb city center.
Now... I m oooooo tired and exhausted
Preparing for jumaat prayer!

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