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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Double chin

Another common problem of human being
It is very frustrated issue for ladies
Make them look 10 years older than their actual age

There are many cream out there which claim they could vanish the double chin
But none of them actually work

Double chin happened to man or woman due to 2 reason. Firstly, it is a sign of aging. Secondly, u r getting fat! Or obese. Hence,  there will be fat stored under ur chin coz the space inside ur belly is already occupied

Yes, truth hurt.

But nowadays,  this issue can be dealt with medically.
The best aNswer to double chin is to exercise a lot and lose ur weight
But not many of us are able to do that.

Medically and surgically,  we have the quick answer for this :)

The quickest would be to remove it surgically,  which will cost u a lot of money and pain. But it is the most effective.

The second answer would be mesotheraphy lypolysis. If u r interested,  make sure u visit Dr Hannan!

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