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Sunday, April 19, 2009

dan ternyata ..

urs truly at work :)

I was talking to a patient a few days ago..
He's a 61 years old indian gentleman ... admitted to undergo an operation..
When I was clerking his case - I noted that he's still a bachelor.
Hence I asked him..

Me : Uncle, may I know why are u still single?
Uncle : Well, I was too busy looking for other things in life...
Me : I reckon marriage isnt in ur list then ?
Uncle : Not in the upper part of the list for sure...
Me : Then? What are the important things u are looking for?
Uncle : Well, it's a universal truth that all men are looking for money and fame.
Me : Yeah, fair enuf
Uncle : I was too busy concentrating on my job and nothing else matter...
Me : Wow...
Uncle : U cant deny that money and fame is very important rite? Those two could buy u almost everything ...
Me : hhahhaha... uncle.. u r a fun guy :)
Uncle : Some people forgot to prioritise what important in life... and most ppl ended up in failure in life...
Me : Yeah... and everyone kept doing the same mistake all over again..

Wow... Havent had these kind of conversation for quite sometimes. I used to hang out with the elderly , with the politicians and these kind of topic always been discussed about.
But, nowdays - I choosed to hang out with my frens who prioritise "FUN" in our daily life :)

definitely money and fame is important. VEry important and some said once u got those two - other things in life will come running after u :)
But then... I believe there is a limit for that..
Sigh... what a wonderful world

1 comment:

juelee said...

yea there some limit on it, i am totally agree wif u and fame doesnt provide you true happiness or true love.. Yea, it could buy almost everything but not sincerity...