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Thursday, April 30, 2009

one step at a time!

Yes, man utd won again last nite. Nothing big. It's just what we always do. We win.. and keep winning. Felt sorry to the arsenal fan :)

Better luck next time !

one of the most common cases that I see everyday in the orthopedic ward is the diabetic foot. It's very related to our nationality - for some reason :) Malaysian are well known of their variety of delicious food and delicacies... and one of the end result would be the diabetic.

Occay, me not gonna talk about diabetic as a whole here coz I'm sure everyone here is pretty much educated to know what is diabetic melitus a.k.a kencing manis. My concern now would be the diabetic foot - which involved the orthopedic team. What orthopedic has to do with diabetic? Shouldnt the medical team dealt with this problem once and for all?

Once u reached the chronic level of diabetic - eventually , u'll get the diabetic foot. So, the most common and effective treatment for gangrenous/ulcerated diabetic foot would be - amputation .. could be below knee amputation, syme amputation or ray's amputation.

Nevertheless - not all patients agreed with this treatment. Some ppl refused amputation even thou their foot is all black and dead. They choosed to keep their dead smelly, full of pus and serous discharge foot instead of chopping them off. Cant really blame them, coz.. sape x sayang kaki kan? Anugerah Tuhan tu..

But then , if we do not proceed with the amputation , the infection could cause sepsis ; which eventually could somehow cause death. Secara pendek cerita la... lambat jugak actually nak sampai ke "mati" daripada kaki diabetic ni.. tapi kemungkinan itu ada...

I'm sure a lot of us here have relative or family with this kind of problem. Hence, my advice would be - if the doctor offered amputation as the treatment - just for once.. listen to our opinion :)


Wahidah said...

yes Mu

masa praktikal kat HUSM mmg selalu sgt jumpa pt with diabetic foot ne..maybe due to food kot...segalanya manis la han..hehehe

Ad Rifza said...

Ngeri siutt...tang tang tgok ni tak nak makan benda benda manis dah rasanya...huhu

pwincess AJA said...

Tq doc.
then i'll...