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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

he has a story

I remember my first even jeans pant. It was a Lee Cooper jeans. Never had any kind of jeans pant before that one.

When I was in standard 5 , my dad took us shopping at the store - he bought me the Lee Cooper jeans which costed RM 65 as a present for me for doing well in my exams.

I still remember the day - vividly in my mind.

Back then , my parent was still struggling financially to raise 5 kids :) I'm thankful to have my mom and papa. I hardly asked for anything everytime Idid well in my exams coz I know there were many other important thing to spend on.

Hence , when my papa bought me the jeans as a present - I was really thankful for that.

RM65 may sound cheap for other people. But for me - it was a precious gift. I hardly wear that jeans back then becoz I really loved it. Only wore it for very special occasion. I believe the jeans is still in my closet back home.

it's true what people said - it's the thought that count. I cheerish that Lee Cooper jeans more than any other jeans I ever had - even compared to that armani exchange.

Thank you papa n mama

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Ad Rifza said...

Hadiah dari org tersayang amat diingati dan dihargai..Nilai yang cukup besar even dengan harga barang tu yg tak berapa mahal..Ad masih ingat pemberian hadiah semasa dapat 5A masa penilaian darjah lima tahun 1985 dulu..Cukup dihargai..The thought that count..