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Friday, April 17, 2009


for all those f1 lover - some might wonder how the heck Brawn GP suddenly become the fastest car in the previous 2 races. In fact, they used the older version of mclaren mercedes engine. The rumours said that - the thing that gave advantage to the brawn GP cars - are their diffusers. Yes, the black thing ...under the spoiler. Ala... tu... yang bentuk mcm longkang terbalik tu la.....ade lubang2 kat bawah tu.. tu kite panggil diffuser. So, the other team being complaining that brawn gp diffuser are no following the rule - hence made their car faster.

it came to my mind the Evo 10 also have the same diffuser... yes, the black thingy.....
hencefoward.... VLV also got ONE recently ... made VLV look more sporty , and a way... a little bit more faster??? heheheh .... we'll see

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Mrs.Sheikh said...

brawn team ekk..
takpe renault still in my heart!