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Monday, May 04, 2009

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Erm.... this is what we called the salter harris fracture types.... divided into 5..
Only happened to growing kids coz we all old people dont have growth plate anymore ( the purple color line )
Not gonna talk about these fractures anymore... it's boring :P

Ever heard about the 3 days rules?

Yeah... Some ppl came out with the rules that u should wait 3 days before start calling ur newly met bf/gf
Well, it's mostly applied to the guys.
The rules said - if u met a girl , whom u like and want to be her bf ( not just flirting )
U must wait 3 days after u first met her before start calling her again.

WARNING :- This rule is not applicable if u r a player/casanova/whatsoever

Why must wait that long before start calling the love of ur life?
Some said - if u call after 3 days from ur 1st date - it will give enuf time for both side to think deeply to decide either to jump into relationship or not
And also ... they said - after 3 days ... U gonna miss each other a lot , hence u cant wait to meet each other again...
It also being said that 3 days rule is to test the patience of ur future partner

So, what do i think about this rule?

I said... hmmmm... what the heck..
U like her.. just grab the chance..
She might be someone else gf 3 days later :)


POT said...

hahahhaha..btol..skang tak leh tunggu lama2....sesuai ke tak blakang kira...bleh ke cam tur?

Hannan said...

betul betul betul

Hannan said...

betul betul betul

alia amirah said...

haha. lawak2. x penah dgr pn tuan doc! LOLS ;)