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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kelantan autoshow part 2

We finally reached Pantai Irama at about 6pm today....
Yup, it was quite late actually... but then who cares..
The big guns always showed up late aite?
As we reached there... the parking was fulled already
but then , since we already signed up for the autoshow,
the organizer had reserved parking slots for the whole lancer team

me n my favs buddies! Sorry ladies - all are etaken!
But no worry.... there's always extra seat aite?
hahahah.... ! just kidding
but then... lancer has 3 extra seats at the back rite?
The suzuki swift gang.... all white for them!
the colourful myvisss
and that's all for the day. There goes my friday. Tomorrow - saturday , me ON CALL. No fun...
had way too many on calls this month....
More doctors please......


[ LADYKiKi] said...

wahhh han. makin encemm.. hahahah

pwincess AJA said...

patutla cm kenal je.
pantai irama!