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Saturday, May 23, 2009


me is currently oncall
luckily the hospital has wi-fi
made it easier for doctors to search for meds info at work
and also for other stuff too :P

Lots of cases today at the emergency room for ortho team
not the best day to be on call!
Not so sure why people choose saturday to present at the emergency room...

and today there are a lot of admission for elective surgery tomorrow...
One of the case I encountered today was the ACL tear.
What the heck is ACL?
Anterior cruciate ligament...
the ligament located at the knee join..
the tear usually caused by sport injury
When the ACL is torn..
u could still walk..
but then, ur knee is pretty much unstable
Not an emergency for sure
Sometimes it takes months , even years before pt started to come to see
dr due to this problem
If u are into sport, u should heard about this injury..
and the treatment is - ACL reconstruction..
basically we repair the torn ACL using other ligament as replacement.. such as hamstring tendon for example...
Yes.. it's boring to read this..
so I am rite now... :P

1 comment:

Mrs.Sheikh said...

oohh..baru pagi tadi mak pi check doctor.. tempurung lutut dia ada bunyi krek krok krek krok...
doctor bagi sebulan utk makan ubat dan kurangkan berat badan..
kalau tak jalan gak..nak masukkan cam pelincir.. ..skrg mak solat kene duduk.. tak bleh duduk kat lantai pun.. kesian juga...