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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's day

Thank God. The engagement went all. Nothing fancy, nothing big - just a simple ceremony between 2 families :)

I would like to thank everyone who came our special event.

So , many would like to know - how much is the "hantaran" and when is the wedding date.
Well - I would like to ask the same question too!
The money talk is still a mystery and the date - undecided yet. But not in the near future :P

Nonetheless - me n family are going back to Kelantan today. Will be a long trip back home. Wanted to reach home before 9 today coz man utd is playing tonite! hehehe
Plus- everyone is working tomorrow!

And also, would like to wish all the mums in the world - happy mother's day!

God Bless all of us :)

Have a super sunday!

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SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

congratez Dr. and hi. :) found ur blog n found it interesting. mind if i link u? thanks :)