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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

setting the bar

these 2 boys are my big bros. Yeah, my real brothers.
The eldest in the family is on the right side.. and the one with the stripe polo shirt is the 2nd in the family.
both are engineers... and married :)

Anyway , growing up with my brothers was a fun episode
Even thou our age differ quite a lot
But, when we were young - we did hang out together

These 2 brothers always set the bar for the family...
mostly in the education part...
Everyone got all A's in the UPSR and PMR..
So, when it came to my time...
getting all A's wasnt something to be proud about...
it's kinda a must in the family..
and yes - the pressure was pretty high and tense..

After a while .. I'm getting used to it..
Hardly got any present for should I do well in the exams..
Just enuf not to be compared to my brothers if i suck!

It was very motivational thou,..
kept me working hard :P

In spite of that - our parent were not very strict to us..
We all have our own way in studying...
Studying hard was never the key of success to anyone of us in the family..
I remember my 2nd bro , never bring back any books from school when he was in primary school..

Thank you God for blessing our family :)

Even thou we didnt come from a rich heritage ...
but we manage to do well in our life..

God does work in a very mysterious ways

So everyone.. just keep praying to God...
That's the key for everything ~!


e | | i n said...

WOW Doc. Bagusnyer! Alhamdulillah...semua berjaya :-)

Anonymous said...
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Leeza + Hafez said...

wow wow wow,
tak sangka yang second bro. tuh langsung tak pernah bawak balik buku ke rumah, betul2 terer de tuh n lagi tak sangka yg dia tuh dah jadi husband saya..hehe