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Sunday, May 10, 2009


No one ever dare to do this act on my car! but my cute lil nephew!
I wouldnt allow even a naked lady to do the same ... hehehe .. well.. maybe I would..
But the point is.. umar - he's so adorable... even thou he's one kind of dennis the manace..
in the end of the day, he always pull out that cute smile which eventually put out the burning anger of his parent especially!

Just found out for my sister that she;s been buying clothing for umar and imah from this blog
I took a look at this blog... a lot of beautiful clothing here...
trendy and cheap as well
Definitely the "blog" to be if u are a working mother, and dont have much time to spend at the store to shop for ur kids's clothing... everything for ur kids is just a click away :)

I totally recommended this store :)

So everyone.... click click and click...

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