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Monday, January 26, 2009

surviving the internship

I've been receiving a lot of emails and sms-es from the medical students on how to survive the intership/housemanship. I know I've been talking about this a few times here. Nonetheless, as I been in this intership longer - I've been learning a few more tricks on surviving this horrible 2 years. It's actually not that horrible once u learned that this is ur destiny :P ... yeah it's kinda "till death do us apart" job! Pretty much too late to learn to be something else... hahhaha...
well, like those bastard at the coffee shop said " u could always changes ur wives/gf , but hardly ur job! "

To those overseas graduates - expect urselves to be blabbered more compared to those who studied in malaysia. Since u know nothing about malaysian system - u'll start from ZERO! No kidding.

So, trick no 1 - whenever ur specialist/consultant/medical officer started their long speeches - look straight into their eyes as if u are listening attentively. BUT, as u are looking at them , try imagine their face turning into ur favourite cartoon character , donald duck for instance and change ur listening amplitude so that all u heard are just donald duck voice :P No kidding - do this and u'll find it very amusing.

Trick no 2 , when ur bosses finished their motivational speech to u - say "thank you! " in the softest way. As if u are very touched by their inspirational words....

Trick no 3 , I call this one "hikmat kebal loceng emas" - when the bosses open their their mouth , think of something else. So, in the end of the day , it will be the case of " masuk telinga kiri , keluar ikut telinga kanan, hidung n mulut " nothing left inside the brain. And dont forget to say " thank you, I'll work harder next time" ... this one works all the time.


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Hannan, thanks for the tips. I know it always works if we know how to deviate our emotion to something else! Thanks again and all the best!

sabiqahAnuar said...

salam..just dropped by, i got 2 know 'bout ur blog frm a fren of mine-iLawaniey (actualy ramai kawan i kenal u-elly, yier, ining, iLawaniey, etc..)
so skng houseman kat GH-KB?at labor room? my paksu is head dept there-DR.Zainal (that's y i care to leave a cmmnt 'ere)'s life there? i bet it tough as it could be..

Witty Angel said...

hahahaha..thanks hannan!am considering of going back to malaysia for good..hahaha...eventho intrn kat sini best tapi social network x best la.hehe..nyways take care!