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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

After an exciting afternoon driving luxury cars , I headed down to TESCO KB to meet some of my frens. In the economical mode, instead of having lunch at the fancy restaurant , we all ended up at the food court :P Sorry ek kengkawan... biler i dah dpt gaji nanti kite makan best2 balik .. heheh.

Dr Fieyra n wenkt
shazwani ( tokei tesco ), urs truly and fatin

fatin was my "adik angkat" during the secondary school. Now she's also in med school. I wish her all the best in her future. Then, to those who are interested in working at tesco and renting shop lots in tesco, u can contact miss shazwani. Ni orang kuat kat tesco, semua pekerja jumpe die berhenti tabik hormat kejap baru bole lalu..... no kidding.

Well, that was my day, eating ABC for lunch . It was a good day, very productive I have to say. Now I'm getting ready to go to KL. My private jet is waiting for me at the airport!


r@tn@ said...

wahhhh i miss KB!!! nk balik laaa..

da nk masuk keje ke? Good Luck Dr Hannan!!! btw i change my blog's url.. new one is

Mummy Hanny said...

bila nak kene posting nan? all the best ye.

btw, do u get some kind of commission from nokia for promoting e71? coz i think i wanna hev one...

KAKTINY said...

bila start keje?.. (nak gak tanya cam org lain tanya tuh... hihihi..)

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

psstt..mcm kenal jek banner kat ida, hans n stitch kat atas nunnnn..hehe..caper buatkan yek yek :P blueksss

haaa..t lau dh dpt gaji of being a doc...sile lanje zie seketiu hbeg guess! wakakakakaa..zie nyer request x leh blah la weiii..huhu

mummysyafie said...

just ABC for lunch?? mesti dapat free kan sbb shazwani tu kan tokei tesco..