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Friday, August 15, 2008

My wineyard

I'm not jobless rite now, I'm workin on my wineyard. My project " menanam anggur" is going perfectly well and according to plan. I went to KL yesterday for less than 24hrs and now I'm back in kelantan again. Going to KL again very soon .... well, that's pretty much my daily job nowdays, either I'm driving or someone else is driving me. I just cant sit still. The worse part is coming soon, the fasting month

FYI, for the past 6 years, I've been celebrating ramadhan in moscow. None in malaysia. So, those were 6 busy fasting month for me. No holiday during the fasting month at all. There were times we had our breakfast inside the classroom, in the ward, in the morgue... but those were the days.

Doing nothing in this coming fasting month may sound "brilliant" for some ppl. But certainly not me. Furthermore , I'll have an extra "super big" responsibility soon. Therefore, I need to utilise my daily activity efficiently. Unfortunately , I dont have much "money project" rite now. Looking for part time job during this fasting month. I might be occupied for the next week, but for next month - I'm very free. Someone pls help me find a part time job during this fasting month. No kidding.. :P ! Jadi domestic helper pon beta sanggup.. hehehe


Red Mummy said...


be my driver?

how much ko nak ketuk?

Hannan said...

akak punye pasal saya kasi special price punyer~!

mummysyafie said...

terdesak benor ke nan? :)