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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Georgia Dispute

The world has been shocked by the recent news of the russian attack on Georgia. But, to those who have been following the development of ex soviet countries - it's no suprise at all. But, what most ppl dont know about the attack is - who started it?
The mass media all over world reported that the Russian who started the attack on Georgia. Then, the world started condemning the russian. Nothing new about that coz Russian is always being potrayed as the villian in every war. What tickled me the most was - of all people in the world , mr BUSH - was the first people who gave warning and condemning the russian for the attack on georgia. To US president MR BUSH - after what u did to IRAQ ??? and u still talking like that? funny as it is...
Anyway, back to the russia - georgia conflict. According to mass media ,it was the russian who started the attack at the russia-georgia border . Was that all true? Should the russian really want to attack Georgia ... why dont they send their SUKHOIs and all the tanks to georgia straight away??? It's no secret that the russian military power is among the best in the world and if they REALLY want to have a war against georgia , the could finish it in less than 24 hrs....
So... something to think about there. Did the mass media reported the real thing? Plus, does the mass media and the whole world forgot about what Bush did to Iraq? Dmitri Medvedev ( russian president ) and Vladimir Putin ( russian prime minister ) may not be the most noble man in the world but I'm sure he's a better man than Bush!
Just my 2 cents on the current world issue. Since I'm pretty free rite now... my mind started to think about all other think such as the world peace :P

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mummysyafie said...

bangunan yang kat blkg tu kan..macam FM yang shida bagi kat akak la

tapi tengok kat berita mmg tgh bergolak kan..