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Monday, August 25, 2008

back to work

my 2 days break in kelantan is over. I'm going back to melacca. Another session, another round of my part time job. Thanks to my dear darling shida for her answer about the posting. As she said, those who came back early to malaysia and registered early at the Kementerian, managed to join the august induction group - and now they are already posted to the hospitals around malaysia.
For those who came back late and registered late ( for ex -me!) , I didnt manage to register in time, therefore I have to wait until the next induction course, which will be after raya. There is no induction course during fasting month , which in result gave me a long holiday. I'll only be informed about my posting at the end of the induction course.
For gov workers, as soon as we started the induction course , our salary has started as well. So, the induction course is considered as work as well. For more info u can call the kementerian kesihatan themselves. I'm tired of answering the same old question. :P


Mummy Hanny said...

induction course tu nak kompemkan jawatan la nan. untung doctors, sebelum start keje dah dpt pegi induksi. kalau org lain biasenya dlm 1-2 tahun keje baru la dipanggil. nway, enjoy sebulan puasa ni kat rumah. lenkali tokleh doh! silap2 raya pun kat ward... sedeh sehhh.. (saje nak hanginkan hannan!)

mummysyafie said...

kalau kitaorg lah kan..kerja setahun baru leh pergi induksi tau..

tapi ada orang kater, sekrg ni induksi punyer rules ketat sikit tau, tak macam dulu leh escape kelas..