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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the speculation

REMINDER - the photos in this entry "adalah hiasan semata mata" :)
regarding my previous entry , I received quite a few sms and phone call. Some are very happy ... some are suprised.. and some just cant believe it. Well, actually some said I'm crazy as well. The crazy part is true for sure. It's proven!

What actually happened was.... ermm... how to say it , I did a so called "long term investment". No, it's not marriage and no.. I'm not adopting any african baby as well. I just decided to acquire a little asset in my life. It's actually my biggest & most expensive asset so far. Well, it's not mine yet actually.. need to wait still.

Frankly , I'm not sure how ready I'm to commit myself for this thing. However , my parent manage to trick me to get this asset. Yeah, again - my mom manage to trick me....

Actually, those who know me personally should know how thrifty I am. I'm a shopaholic and I could shop till I drop. No kidding. I live on the principle that - the money I have is meant to be spent rite away. My mom does realize my problem in the area and for years she's been advising me to be more "smart" with money. Yet - me, being a stubborn child , never listen to her advice on that particular matter. I've keep spending money like nobody else business.

Until... today , after I decided to buy the asset - suddenly a single cent means a lot to me. Suddenly , I felt the need of to be more efficient and economical in my daily life. Suddenly , filling RM50 for fuel is damn expensive. Suddenly, eating at KFC is such a waste of money... DAMN... my mom got me again this time. Earlier in the afternoon , I went to the MAYBANK to update my saving account passbook , I was so suprised that I spent nearly RM XXX K for the past 3 years! No kidding. And yet , I see no big asset acquired with that large amount of money!

as I was chatting with my mom earlier ..

me : mama.. I've spent RM XXX K for the past 3 years.
mama : u could have buy ur dream car with that money!
me : Yeah, I know... I wonder where did all the money gone...
mama : sigh......
me : heheheh.... yeah.. mostly gone to the airline company... my euro trip costed a lot!
mama : tell me about it.... sigh.. U could have save a lot of money...
me : let bygone be bygone lor mommy... I'll be a good boy in the future :)
mama : sigh....
papa : ni ... sape tengah leading medal utk olympic ni????

I really need to be more economical since this new asset require a lot of monthly payment. For this reason , I've decided to work part time until I get the posting letter. Since I registered at the ministry quite late , and there will be no intake during fasting month - most likely I'll only start working after hari raya. Therefore , for the time being - I need some extra cash and be really smart in my daily expenses.

This new asset to me , isnt just an asset. It's way more than that. It's a symbolic. It's a sign to me. It's new EVOLUTION in my life. Things gonna change a lot after this.


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

hahahaha...makanya hannan yusof **errr betol ek name ayah yusof..haha..ingat² lupe lah P **
kene lah berjimat cermat n DONT be a shopaholic lagik k

zie pown used to a shopaholic...sejak brg sume naik neh
tros insafjadik shopaholic bagai..hahaha that ur dream car???

pearlEJ said...

wahhhhhh beli EVO ekk?? fuhhhh kalau mcm tu dari kelantan nk ke kl kejap aja la kann.... hihihihi.... :D

Anonymous said...

owhh yes its gonna change your life alright, when the langkah is longer and the minyak hike suddenly is too much! hahahahahaah....have fun!

mummysyafie said...

yerlorr..nan kena cari partime job la. nanti takde orang nak bagi duit raya kat shida tau