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Saturday, August 23, 2008

compliment to the camerawomen

During my stay at bidara puteri beach resort , I had a special guest! It was adi who gave me a visit at the hotel! I managed to sneak out from my "job" for a quick chit-chat session with adi at the hotel lobby.We really enjoyed each other company. These photos are taken using adi's nikon D40 :) thanks a lot dear!

I forgot to take adi's photo coz I was a bit tired that evening. Sorry adi , next time kite jumpe lagi. I reckon I'll be back to melacca real soon. ANyone else live in melacca? let's meet up next time. To adi , DEFINITELY, we'll meet again dear!

p/s - adi was so pro with the camera , I almost didnt realize she took all these photos while we were chatting!

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mummysyafie said...

yang ni bukan posing perasan macho erkk..mmg cantik pic candid ni