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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

save mee!!!!!

still in melaka, at pantai puteri, at the bidara puteri beach resort. Still doing the coolie job and i'm bored to death... is any of my reader live in melacca.... Please come n save me. I cant go anywhere since i have no car.. Sighhh


Chika Chika said...

bunyi dia kesian je.

.layla tumaisuri. said...

eyh...i stayed there during my attachment in hosp kem terendak. haha.. no wonder it looks familiar. if i'm not mistaken, the cucms peeps are still der. at the 2nd floor. husna is there. go check her out later. :D

that is if they're still der la..

nasazfrog... said...

huhhh lame tak singgah sini...

nshikin said... akan berada di melaka pada ari jumaat. tapi kat ayer keroh area la. bidara puteri beach resort tu kat area pantai puteri ker? not so familiar with the beaches walapon dah duk kat sana for 5 years. Hiks!

MULAN said...

u there, me here in kb... bro in law nak tunang dengan awek pengkalan chepa.. friday balik lor..

all the best.. enjoy la..!!!