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Saturday, August 23, 2008

in seremban

me currently not home yet, in seremban. Supposedly went home last nite to pick up imah but then, something happened and I needed to go to shah alam last nite for a very dangerous mission. Yes....very threatening I have to say. But I cant write in detail, maybe in future I will :P

Any blogger live in seremban? Let's meet up for coffee !

Since it's saturday and not so many ppl are reading my blog , might as well I do something typical :P

Welcome to the xhansx blogger award!!!!

Blogger paling aktif? Hmmmm.... let me think...... :) ... wait.... wait... wait... the winner is......KAK RED!
Blogger paling comel :) mmmmmmmm.... a lot of candidate for this particular blog. Semua blogger ni comel-comel seadanya, but for this time I'll give it to my ex wife!
Blogger paling cun? No doubt.. my beloved Dr Shieda :P

Blogger paling mesra ? The one and only Mrs Sheikh!

Prettiest? Well since SHida won the Most Cun! I have to give this one to EJ! and mummysyafie :P

Blog paling hebat? mmmmm.... I'm giving this one to Ceera! She's the new star rising !!!

Paling Kreatif ek...... the winner is.... CHIKA! I just love her blog template ... eye catching!

most sophisticated? I'll give this one to AZRA BONEYTA.... :P She looks simple , her writing looks simple but her mind is very complicated!

Blogger paling hensem? for the sake of my future - I'll just give this one to DR SHAH... mane la tau kot2 jadi junior Dr shah nanti.. kene la pancing boss baik2 dulu kan... :P


pearlEJ said...

Anugerah Blog paling cantik??? cantik ker blog tu hann oiiiiii... hahaha.... bnyk lagi blog org lain yg cantik2... hahaha...

anw, terima kasih bnyk2 laa naaa... nanti dgn bangganya ej tepek kt blog ehh... ahaaa... :)

Chika Chika said...

tq :P

tapi apsal tak bagi blogger paling hensem kat saya? heheheheheh. saya hensem.

Mrs.Sheikh said...

waaahh!! kite pun ada ekkk..
mekasihhh nan!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaaa Blogger Paling Comel?? I'm extremely flattered ;) Thank youuuuu!

Ceera said...


dapat award..

tq bebeh.. i love it.. =P

hebat nye i, hiks..

Jlascanteen said...


mummysyafie said...

ada hadiah tak ni? nak hadiah tau..nan rambutan sekilo ker?