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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back in KL

I'm back in KL. Going to KLCC later at noon. Kak Red, get ready yea - ur lil bro is coming for free lunch!!!! Hope she'll read this post. Anyway, since I have another jobless month coming ahead, I had a few part time job offers. Some are good offers, some are pretty ridiculous. Ranges from being a gardener to selling at "bazaar ramadhan".

My parents are not so happy me working part time. They would rather me stay at home and just enjoy my days off. But then , since I'm a man - and being a man , I do have something what people call as "ego"

The ego which later leads to what we call the "need" and neccestiy. Then translated to " I need to earn money by myself" - which eventually made me looking for part time job :)


mummysyafie said...

orang laki ni mmg ego kan..dah ada masa..duk arr umah diam²

dah kerja esok baru tau camne rasa penat... :P

vagg said...

if u think it would offer something great for you, just do it bro.

doing something different before giving your full commitment to the 'coming-up-profession' would be an additional points to your personal-experience-list.

kadang2 buat benda lain dari bidang kita pun bagus.. sekadar utk pengalaman kan

Wahidah said...

so bz la hannan...but nevermind dat good for u...