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Thursday, August 28, 2008

how much does he loves his car

As u all know, I'm currently jobless and yet, I "accidentally" bought a car. My viva la vida to be precise. This " accident" has made me a workaholic for the past few weeks. The car represent a responsibility to me. Without the car, I'm pretty sure - right now I would just sit at home doing nothing rather than busting my ass working in melacca.

Yes, I know, I whine a lot! NO JOKE! It's true and that's one of my many downsides. But , when I whined in my - blog -> it helps me to release some of the tension and by whining to my dear readers here - some of u actually came out with some good solutions for my problems. Therefore, I would like to thank all my reader for always being there for me. U guys are my viva la vida too :)


mummysyafie said... la viva erkk?dush..dush..ada ke samakan akak ngan keta viva..hahahahah...gurau je..lariksss

meh sini bawak keta baru tu akak nak rasa naik..

wénkt said...


ko samakan aku dengan lancer ko erk?

nanti ko kene sayang aku macam ko sayang kat lancer ko.

juga ko kene bagi duit kat aku rm1500 macam ko bayar kereta tu gak...