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Thursday, August 14, 2008

my political stand

Since I was at the gpms meeting earlier this morning, a few made their own assumption about my political stand. The fact is , I just happened to be at the meeting coz I'm driving someone. No more than that. I'm not a gpms member , maybe yet. The best part is , me myself havent even register with the SPR yet! So, what the heck is my political stand? I'm a democrate :)

I rest my case.

Due to some technical problem, I'm going back to kelantan again tonite. Yup - still in kl now, waiting for my helicopter to pick me up. No an interesting day for me - tiring would be more appropriate. I've been driving all day long and rite now I'm totally exhausted. I just cant wait to lay down my head until the next morning.

Next Issue

When will I start working? HONESTLY, I'm getting tired of answering this one. It used to be an interesting subject to talk about, but after a while , it turned out to be pretty much an annoying issue :P
The real answer is , most probably after hari raya. At least that what the ppl in minister told me when I gave them a call. Since the health minister are not doing any new intake during the fasting month , so I have to wait for next month to start working.

Where will I be posted? HONESTLY , I have no freakin' idea. Anyone with big "cable" out there ? please help me out will ya? me no cable at all... wireless broadband got lor :P
I just pray to God that I'll be posted to the hospital on my wishlist. Amin

How much is a newly grad doctor's salary?
Not much :)

Could I issue MC for my reader?
Yes! for the right price :P


Chika Chika said...

jual mc.
tak beretika.
tapi etika tolak tepi.
hannan yang kata.
ok bye.

mummysyafie said...

jual mc erkk...salah guna kuasa tu nan..tapi ngan hal nyer..

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

dushhh dushhh..nk jual mc yeee
adu kat health priminister kang..hohoho

xpe²..zie mintak mc kat ida..sure free of charge jek..kuikuikui


pearlEJ said...

wahhhhh... jual mc katanya... haahaaa...

cHiQuE CoMeL said...

hmmm chik nak lantik nan jd personal doctor bley tak ;)
ehhh tak bley... chik dah lantik shieda ghupanya :D