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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my first letter

my first letter yg ade title DR kat depan... ni nak kene simpan buat kenangan ni...

I'm sure there will be more letter with the same title in the future , hopefully not "surat saman". But the first one is always the sweetest one :)

I have this kind of phobia everytime the postman came to my house -> scared that it would be the speeding ticket! Yeah, happened a few times in my life. For the love of God , why cant the police stop sending people speeding ticket! It's like sending ur HIV test result to ur parent! But doctors dont do that.

Anyway, back to my previous speculation and what so ever ... since I have this new responsibility , I need to earn some extra cash - therefore I'm going to KL today , doing a little bit of part time job. I reckon if I work part time for the next one month , I should be able to settle the monthly payment myself!

Anyone with any info of good pay part time job, please contact me :) I'll do anything!!!! NO KIDDING. Now I know how hard life is... damn it..

And yes, to those who have been asking about the asset ... I would like to call it "viva la vida" :P and it's gonna be red in color! The real photo will be posted when the asset reached the house~!

Jadi, inilah kes - bersenang-senang dahulu... bersusah-susah kemudian. Adik adik ambil ikhtibar yer... :P


neo@sufe said...

cool huh
dah ade leh la katam satu malaysia ehheheheh

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

hehehe...mesti ati munge² bile dpt letter ade DR. kat depan...huhu
mcm stylo giler kan...haha

Tie said...

Biarlah bersenang2 dulu jangan bersusah2 dah..

Chika Chika said...

since we have the same principle in life ; money is meant to be spent right away......

so, we are not meant to be. hahahahahahhahahahahahahah.

oh i love kereta.
i want 8 cars in front of my house.

pearlEJ said...

Doctor Hannan... ehehehehe....

Anonymous said...

isk dah offer dulu...part time job = azra's bodyguard you dont wanttttt...isk isk....

Mummy Hanny said...

Dr. Hans,

Rumah/tanah = asset
Kereta = liability!!!!!

Arghhhhh!!!! bile la minyak nak turun.. i mean harga minyak la, kalau meter minyak tu hari2 pun turun!

Tak bersiar2 ke kuantan ke?

mummysyafie said...

hahahahahah...gelak akak baca ni

"adik..adik ambik ikhtibar yer"

lenkali tulih..."adik² n kakak² ler.." :P