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Saturday, September 18, 2010

my life , my way

i am 26 years old this year
some said i'm still young
some said i should have become a father
some said go out and play
some said - go get married

others said - u have a long way to go...take it easy
the others said - it's time to get real and really serious in life

well , life as it is... always complicated
age is just a number...well .. maybe two number in my case
technically as it get bigger , it should be equivalent to ur wise and wisdon
which i hope so
the longer u live, the more u learned


no matter how much u learned
how many education degree u have
how many exam u passed with flying colors

u ll make mistake in ur life
sometimes , a stupid mistake such as made a wrong flight booking for ur parent :P

or a big one ...
which i hope i wont be making any soon...
frankly i made a lot of big mistakes in my life - which i wont be writing about those here
but all those big mistake made me a man.... a man i am rite now
i screwed my life upside down
but thank GOD , i'm still breathing the fresh air until rite this moment
my point after all these crap i wrote above...
it's ur life... do it ur way
but u have to consider other feeling as well
life is what happened while u busy making plans and arrangement
enjoy it to the fullest
dont be afraid to make mistake
but dont repeat the same mistake
take ur chance but be smart
u'll be just fine


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dr. Hannan,

Pengalaman mendewasakan kita..Ini la yang dikatakan ilmu kehidupan..Kita akan terus belajar dan belajar hingga ke akhir hayat. What ever u do, doa kpd Allah moga semuanya dipermudahkan..=)

Dlm dunia ni mana ada org tak buat kesilapan yg kita buat tu akan mengingatkan kita utk buat yg lebih baik..

So, enjoy ur life! =)

tiffany said...

tru darling.... dont repeat the same mistakes.... and always consider others feeliing when making decision or anything u do, especially your loved one....

sarah said...

i remember baju melayu u wearing in that pic~~

Norieta husain said...

wow.i can see barbican on da table...he3..yummy,i suka yg peach...erm tp perasan x kt botol 2 sebenrnye xda tanda halal pon an...katanya dr dubai musykil2